There will be two panels taking place at CCUWiP 2023: EDI Panel and Career Panel.

Below is a list of panelists that will be speaking at CCUWiP 2023 panels.

More info on each panelists can be found by accessing the menu on the left.

Career Panel (Saturday January 21, 14:30 – 16:00)

Dr. Julie Claveau (Canadian Space Agency)
Program Officer for smartEarth at the CSA

Dr. Lisa Glass (Saskatchewan Cancer Agency)
Medical physicist at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre

Dr. Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta)
Dark matter expert and Assistant Professor

Maria “Mia” Scavella-Little (Microsoft)
Cybersecurity attorney in Microsoft’s digital crimes unit

EDI Panel (Sunday January 22, 13:00 – 14:30)

Sadie Grace (The Real STEM Sadie)
Courseware engineer at the SANS research and operations centre

Dr. Eden Hennessey (Wilfred Laurier University)
Social psychologist, EDI data specialist

Pauline Streete (University of Regina)
Senior advisor on EDI and anti-oppression

Dr. j wallace skelton (University of Regina)
Author and Assistant Professor