Laboratory Tours

The lab tours will be taking place between 1:30pm-3:30pm on Sunday Jan 14th. In addition to the lab tours listed below, the CPARC visitor center featuring the "Eyes on the Universe" exhibit will be available for you to view anytime during the lab tour timeframe in the lobby of Stirling Hall.

Cancer Center

The Cancer Center of Southeastern Ontario is located in Kingston General Hospital. The tour will look at some of the medical physics involved at the treatment center. Specifically, the tour will look at the CT scanner and their linear accelerator.

NanoFabrication Kingston

NanoFabrication Kingston is a lab run by Queen's University and CMC Microsystems. The lab includes equipment and methodologies for research requiring microsystems and nanotechnologies. The tour will include a description of the different machines in the lab, as well as a demonstration of their laser micromachining system.

Laser and Optics Lab - Stirling 161

Stirling 161 is a laser and optics lab at Queen's University. This tour will include a discussion on some of the research in this field at Queen's, and the instrumentation used to do it.

SuperCDMS Lab - Stirling 154

This lab tour focuses on the research done in the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (SuperCDMS). More specifically, this tour will look at scintillation for particle detection and smashing scintillators.

NEWS-G Lab - Stirling 158

This tour will focus on the research in New Experiments With Spheres - Gas (NEWS-G), which is a direct dark matter search experiment.