Submitting an abstract


  • The abstract submission form is now available!
  • The deadline to submit an abstract is November 20 2023, 11:59pm Eastern time. 



  • Delegates who intend to give an oral presentation (online or in person) and/or a poster presentation (in person only) are required to submit an abstract of at most 300 words (200-250 recommended).
  • It is not expected that all presenters will have experience writing an abstract. Resources will be made available for those who have less or no experience. 


  • If the number of students interested in giving a presentation is higher than the number of presentations we can fit in the conference schedule, we will consider the quality of abstracts submitted when selecting student presenters. 
  • If we must select student presenters, students interested in giving both a poster and an oral presentation might be given only one of the two formats. In these cases, we will prioritize students’ preference.