The registration team is responsible for creating the application and registration forms, planning the conference goodie bag, and accommodating all delegates, speakers, and guests.

Aimen Malik Zaman

Program: Biomedical Physics Specialist, and Biology for Health Science Major, 3rd year

Fun Fact: I got along better with cadavers more than anyone in medical school, ECG’s my kind of music, and if you call me at 2am there’s a good chance I’ll be dancing around in my room.

“I’m excited to welcome people who share the same passion as me about physics. The conference would encourage me and make me feel stronger about the biology to physics transition I’m going through in my life.”



Julia Louis

Program: Biological Physics Specialist, 4th year

Fun fact: I can speak 4 languages!  Guess which 🙂

I had a wonderful experience at the 2019 CCUWiP in Ottawa and I would like others to feel the same about this upcoming conference in Toronto!”