Logistics/Event Planning

The logistics/event planning team is responsible for choosing and booking rooms, and planning student-led events (ex. Icebreaker, student presentations, etc.).

Azima Tarannum

Program: Physics and Math majors, and Chemistry minor, 4th year

Fun Fact: I can tell you every single line from Tangled.

“I wasn’t able to go to the last conference, and when I got the opportunity to be a part of this year’s team I was very excited. I can’t wait to work with the team and have fun learning and meeting people involved in different fields of physics.”



Sue Min Kim

Program: Engineering Science

Fun Fact: I’m allergic to cats but I have one.

“I cannot wait to meet other young physicists from other parts of Canada and share my thoughts with them. Being able to volunteer my time for those who love what I love is such a privilege. ”





Kuunal Mahtani

Fun Fact: Help I need to stop saying “yeet” this is not a joke this is a cry for help I’m very close to unironically dabbing someone please help

I hope to see some new people inspired to pursue physics; it’s my biggest passion and I would love to be able to share that passion with everyone! I mean think about it: who’s ever said “You know what we need more of? Lawyers.” Nah man, the only law we need is that F=ma.”