2022 Information for Universities

Information for Universities wanting to participate in our Graduate Fair: 

CCUWIP 2022 is being held virtually and the Grad Fair will be held in Gathertown. If you are unfamiliar with this platform and would like to try it out before the conference, please email ccuwip@ualberta.ca with the subject line “Graduate Fair – Gathertown Trial.” We will schedule a time to meet with you before the conference to show you how the platform works.

At CCUWIP 2021 and CUPC 2021, participation in the Graduate Fair was limited, so for CCUWIP 2022, we will be inviting any interested students to participate in the event. Students will not need to be registered in the conference to attend. To ensure the CCUWIP delegates are able to speak with recruiters, the first 30 minutes of the Graduate Fair will be limited to those attending the conference. In January, we will be sending all of you an email again asking you to advertise the Graduate Fair to all of your undergraduate students.

As another way to promote the Graduate Fair and allow students easy access to information about various graduate programs, we will be creating a book with information about these programs. More details about suggestion of what information to include are in the sponsorship form. This book will be available to students one week before the conference, so that are able to pick which booths they would like to visit.

Finally, you can choose to pay for all of your delegate to attend the conference. With your sponsorship, 10 delegates from your University will be able to attend for free. If you would like to pay for additional delegates, you will be able to select this option on the form. Student registration is $15 per participant. You will be billed the sponsorship fee as well as the registration fees all together.

Please use this link to register: https://www.cap.ca/congress-conference/canadian-conference-undergraduate-women-physics-ccuwip/ccuwip-2021-sponsorship-grad-industry-fair/

(The link says 2021, but this is the 2022 sponsorship registration.)