Communications/Social Media

The communications team is responsible for maintaining and updating all CCUWiP-affiliated social media, and answering inquiried and questions from the website, and the general email at

Summer Lim

Program: Physics Specialist, 2nd year

Fun Fact: I love singing and dancing to my favourite music- Against the Current when my roommate is not here.

“I am more than happy to take a part in the team, working with committee who share the same passionate and meeting professional in the physics field. It will be a bliss to share together what we harvest in physics and be reminded and proud of us, woman, can also make a difference in science.”



Baria Khan

Program: Physics and Astronomy Specialist and Statistics,Mathematics minors, 3rd year

Fun Fact: You can talk to me about: Canadian winters. I love -30° snowstorms.

“I can’t wait to share the joy and zeal of being a physicist-in-training with all the other amazing attendees. “