Guests and Speakers

Much more to be announced!

APS Speaker

Fabioala Gianotti – APS Speaker










Plenary Lectures

LeeAnn Janissen – Plenary lecture

Shohini Ghose – Plenary lecture










Career Panel

Suzanne Grant – Career Panel

Karin Hinzer – Career Panel

Patricia Burchat – Career Panel


















Diversity Panel

Anthony Bonato – Diversity Panel

Samar Safi-Harb – Diversity Panel

Deanna Burgart – Diversity Panel


















LGBTQ+ Round Table Workshop

Lindsay Leblanc – LGBTQ+ Roundtable

A.W Peet – LGBTQ+ Roundtable










James Maldaner – LGBTQ+ Roundtable










Guided Discussion






Dasa Riadi Kamarwan – Moderator

Elisabeth Girgis-McEwen – Moderator










Networking Workshop

Krista Shibata – Networking Workshop